Blue Speed Lanzarote Moto Rental

General Conditions

The tenant declares under his responsibility and accepts that:

  1. The vehicle is owned Bluespeed (Antxon Hernández) and Deberáser returned in the same place it was rented, exactly at the end of the duration of the contract (see Date and Time Final) and under the same conditions in which it was delivered. In case of delay and after an hour of courtesy, you must pay the impose of a day of rent.
  2. The tenant is the only person authorized to drive the vehicle and who under no circumstances will let anyone else drive it.
  3. That you have a legal driver’s license for the vehicle you rented. Who has the legal age to drive.
  4. Who is duly empowered to drive the vehicle he has rented and who knows how to drive it.
  5. have received proper instructions for handling the vehicle.
  6. To have examined the vehicle hallándolo in perfect conditions of use, perfectly equipped and without any deterioration.
  7. Comply with all traffic and parking regulations in force in Spain, being personally responsible for the payment of penalties and penalties that may be imposed by the commissions of infringements
  8. In the event of a breakdown or accident during the rental, you must communicate to the company which will assist you within the working hours, in no case will the contractor not leave the vehicle unless the company authorizes it. If the Contracting Party has paid any amount of repair or transportation money without prior authorization from the company it will be on its own.
  9. Failure to comply with any of the conditions between the number 10 and 13 both inclusive implies the immediate termination of the contract without the right to reimbursement of any sum by the lessor.
  10. The vehicle cannot be driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other kind of stimulants or toxic substances.
  11. The rented vehicle cannot be driven by a person other than the lessor.
  12. You cannot use the vehicle to participate in competitions or contests.
  13. You will not be able to circulate with the vehicle in any way that is not duly asphalted (sand, beaches or unpaved roads) in this case, all coverages guaranteed by the insurance will be void, and therefore the tenant is solely responsible for the Damages or damage that the vehicle may suffer.
  14. You should only use the right fuel (usually without lead 95). The tenant shall be liable for any damage that may be suffered by the vehicle for non-observance of this end.
  15. For the perfect operation of the vehicle, the chain and oil must be checked every 500 miles by our mechanics. The lessor must check the tyre pressure periodically and it is necessary to have the tyres swollen with the appropriate pressure.
  16. Under no circumstances will you wash the vehicle with pressurized water as this may cause serious damage to the car.
  17. The loss or break of keys is the responsibility of the tenant. The transfer of the vehicle between islands is not permitted.
  18. It will meet all the requirements. Conditions, limitations and exceptions contained in the insurance policy against third parties formalized by the lessor. The tenant’s acceptance of this policy is compulsory and will not be able to use the vehicle in such a way that it may void the application of the benefits of that policy. A copy of this policy is in view of the tenant in the lessor’s offices.
  19. Accepts full responsibility for all damages suffered by the vehicle and that will pay the total cost to cover whatever the damage is.
  20. Accepts full responsibility for the theft of the vehicle or any of its components N0 matter under that ClRCUNSTANCIAS and will pay the total cost of the same.
  21. You will not be able to make any claim of any kind, against the lessor, its employees, or its insurance companies, because of the physical or mental damages that may suffer as a result of the use of the vehicle. The tenant declares and accepts the conditions.